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19 Juicy Tips to Make Your Bachelorette Party a Hit

1. Pretty Pins for your whole Bachelorette Party

Party pins drive women crazy. They’re cute and easy party perks for the lucky girl’s girls. Pick these up before any lucky lady’s luxurious night.


2. Dress to impress in Instagram ready rocking photos

Whether you want them pretty or dirty, party decorations are the way to a bachelorette’s hearty. You wouldn’t want Mrs. Right thinking she is in the wrong party. Pretty banners, tissue paper or blue ribbons are great for some, but every now and then a girl wants some whips and chains to keep things spicy.


3. AirBNB are an option over that pricy hotel suit

Rent a house on AirBNB or HomeAway instead of dealing with booking several rooms so the whole group can stay together for the weekend, enjoy a kitchen, a yard, and no interruptions from zealous partiers in the room next door.


4. Work out with your stag girls

Get one last chance to get in a sweat before the big day. Book a group spinning class or gym time with some sexy studs to work you out. Burn some calories before your late night shenanigans!


5. Follow a theme, it makes your party come together

Instantly make a bachelorette party special with gags and gifts to throw everyone off or on. If these follow a theme the night can be directed anywhere the planner wants. Need ideas? Here’s 58 funny bachelorette party phrases rounded up by The Knot.


6. If a workout seems like a strange idea, try a bicycle party bus

Party buses can get raunchy, but a fun way to see a new city of love or look at a familiar place in a new light is by boozing it up on a bicycle bus cruise. Peddle your way towards his heart!

7. Kill the Hangover

A killer hangover from Friday night is a major buzzkill. Beat your buzzing buzzkill without a new buzz by including hangover helpers in your gift bags. Keep people peaked and peachy with advil, tums, makeup wipes and breath mints. And, make sure the house or hotel is stocked with tons of water and gatorade.


8. Drag is never a drag

Most cities have drag show brunches – a dizzying spin on  bachelorette brunches. Try Suzy Wong’s in Nashville, Senor Frogs in Vegas or Voss Events in New York, Miami Beach or LA.


9. The bride is the woman of the day, so help her stand out

Accesorize for the party, but make sure the bride has the beads and bells and whistles of her dreams, as this day will be remembered, however fuzzily, for better or worse.


10. Scavenger Hunt

Whether inspired by Christian Grey or something a little less intesnse, a scavenger hunt is an excellent way to get people in the spirit.


11. Photographer! Please.

Spending the night out is great, but the pain of worrying if you’ll remember it or even remembering your phone can be a pain. Hire a photographer and he can double as a pretend date in case someone needs saving 😉


12. Style the I Do Crew with classy, cute party accessories

You ready for this answer? The best way to make a bachelorette party memorable and you can be sure she wants it that way (and feel a little different than just a girl’s getaway) is with festive party accessories and favors for the bride tribe and anyone else who wants to be a part of the special day. Whether you go all out with matching tanks or keep it simple with some fun party sunglasses, you won’t regret having one or two bachelorette party accessories for the weekend.  It doesn’t get any better than this!


13. Play bachelorette party games that are actually fun!

Everybody loves to play fun games. When done right, bachelorette party games can be a HUGE hit, but can fall flat if they aren’t thought out! Check out our post with 15 ideas for cute and classy bachelorette party games including some free downloads for a bachelorette party scavenger hunt, “how well do you know the bachelorette?” and many others. These are the games people want to play. Also fun, Bachelorette Dare Cards or fun summer bachelorettes – Inflatable Hunk Ring Toss. What a riot!


14. Book a stretch pink party limo or crazy party bus!

Stretch out! Uber is useful, but not a splash. If you really want to take the night to the next level, book a bright limo or party bus to cart the party girls around. Such a blast! Limos are always fun and a great way to make a regular weekend feel a little more special. Who doesn’t feel great riding in style. When budgeting, expect to pay between $100 – $180 an hour plus tip for these wheels. Here we goes ladies!


15. A bubbly bar is perfect for that bubbly bachelorette

Nothing replaces sparkling wine. No bachelorette party is complete without some yummy refreshments! You can even include finger food. Set up a bar with all the fixings to make Bloody Marys, mimosas or margaritas. Get some specialty drinks in there. Create a signature drink for the bride-to-be – guests will love sipping on “The Rachel” or “The Michelle” all night in honor of the bachelorette. What can get better than that?


16. Have the chef come to you

Book a cooking class. Looking for a low-key, but fun activity for one of your bachelorette party nights? This is perfect. Book a private cooking class! In many cities, you can find company’s like My Cooking Party where the chef will actually come to your house to do the lesson. Learning to love yourself and your future groom will get you his heart. The I Do Crew will love learning some new pro-cooking tips!


17. Make sure you know the Bachelorette’s mix tape by heart

Make a mix special for her. It’s not a party without a solid playlist! Download our free, bachelorette party Spotify playlist and then add in some of the bride-to-be’s favorites. This is how we do it. She’ll love the extra, personal touch and the duty dames will be thankful for the jams to party to all weekend long. Everyone will have a blast.


18. Hire a hunk for your party

Avoid confusion with cabana boys. The only boys allowed at a bachelorette party? Speedo-clad drinking buddies! We love these adorable drink markers, each with a different name and speedo color, to help avoid any drink mix-ups. Look to buff butlers to cater your day before the day.


19.Yoga can calm the nerves and sooth the soul

Is she nervous for her big day? Not only is it a great way for everyone to destress and relax before heading out for the day’s festivities, but the bride-to-be will love getting a good sweat in so she can party guilt-free!  What could be better?

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