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Male Stripper Party Games


Boat Race: Two girls can play.  Stripper lies down on ground.  You can make two lines using whip cream.  These line run from his abs to his chest.  On the count of three, both girls race to see who can be the first to lick the whip cream off and do a shot!

Hide n’ Go Seek: A girl lies down on the ground (don’t forget to lie on a towel if you want to keep your clothes clean ;).  Her friends hide money in her body, all over, front to back.  The stripper then has to take this money off of her without using his hands.  So he only has his mouth to get the job done!

Hide n’ Go Seek Duo:  Two girls lie down on the ground, side by side, but in opposite directions.  Game plays the same.


Naughty Musical Chairs
This cheeky icebreaker gets everyone involved!
You will need:
 Enough chairs (less one!) for the group
 Stripper as DJ!
 iPod deck with playlist or CD player
How to play:
 Ask the group to each write down one silly task on a small piece of paper. Fold them up so they cannot be read and put them all into a bowl.

For example:
– Doing something silly or embarrassing
– Singing the first verse of a song solo. Bohemian rhapsody? Like a Virgin?
– Telling an embarrassing secret
– Doing a shot/s

 Set up a standard musical chair circle with the backs of the seats facing inside remember to leave one less chair for the group!
 Have your stripper control the music and remove the chair. Each time a guest is ‘out’ they must perform an agreed silly task.

Balloon Challenge 
This ‘popular activity keeps the party going! You will need:
 One pack of party balloons
 Small pieces of paper
 A pen
 A stripper to present the balloon and a pin for popping!
How to play:
 Ask the group to write down a number of questions or silly tasks on small pieces of paper that can be rolled up and placed inside a balloon before it’s blown up.
 At certain points during the party, the main girl has to burst a balloon and answer the questions or perform the silly task.

Kiss Kiss….
The aim of this game is to plant a bright lipstick kiss on the money-maker!
You will need:
 Full body poster of a handsome hunk
 Blindfold
 Bright lipstick
How to play
 Arrange poster on the wall in a room with plenty of space for those directionally challenged!
 Apply bright lipstick
 Have your stripper blind fold participants and spin them
 Let participants loose!
 Pepper that poster with kiss prints until the job is done!

Kiss the stripper

Same as “Kiss Kiss…” except at the very end, have the guest of honor believe she’s going to kiss the poster, but instead she kisses the stripper’s body instead!

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